Write Your Process in these Beautiful
Faith-Based Prayer Journals. Choose Between
The Flower or The Stone, Better yet, who say you can't get Both:)

1. Journal Only Includes: Beautifully packaged, 

  • Write the Process Spiral SILK Journal
2. Journal Set Includes: 
  • Silk Journal
  • Bookmark
  • Diamond Pen

3. Gift Sets Includes: Spiral SILK Journal, Designed Box, Bookmark, Diamond Pen, and Elegant Women Gift Items in an Organza Gift Bag which includes:

  • Diamond Pen
  • Fruit/Herb Tea
  • Bookmark
  • Small/Med Crystal Diamond “Pray” Paperweight



Note: (All Gift set items are subject to change and may vary per gift set

4. VIP Gift Sets Includes: Spiral SILK Journal, Customized Premium Personalized Box, (Marble or Hello Beautiful Box) Customized Bookmark, Inspirational Verses Bookmark, Diamond Pen, and Elegant gift items for women in an Organza Gift bag which includes:

  • Diamond Pen
  • Satin Scarf
  • Satin Hair Scrunchie to match the scarf
  • Inspirational Bracelet
  • Fruit/Herb Tea
  • Mints
  • Keychain
  • Lip Gloss or Hand Lotion
  • Elegant Mirror
  • Extra Large Crystal Diamond “Pray” Paperweight

2 Designs & 4 Available Options

Your Process, Your Purpose, Your "Write"...

Let me introduce you to “The SILK Flower” Journal. In every season there’s a purpose; a time to Stand Still and Wait, a time to Obey and Pursue, and a time to Bloom Where God Plants You. 

You are exactly where God wants you to be and He is calling you to flourish and step into your purpose for His Glory. The best way is through constant Prayer. However, Praying is the easy part for some, but unfortunately, waiting for the answers is where many trips up. 

In order to seek instruction & direction for your next move, you must not only master your Prayer Life but also your Meditation Life. Praying is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God talk to you, which is where the blooming takes place, IN HIS PRESENCE! 

So, Let’s get started. 

Your Process, Your Purpose Your “WRITE!”

It's More Than Just Writing...

Praying with every stroke can draw you closer and closer to God. The most intimate times with our Heavenly Father is in the secret place of our heart. Waiting is hard enough, but when we can develop a consistent prayer life with God, the waiting becomes a little more easier when you can see your written prayers come to pass. Not only does it draw you closer to God, but it also increase you faith while you wait. 

So, Let’s Get Started! 

Your Process, Your Purpose, Your “WRITE!”


Your Process, Your Journey, Your Journal...

Let me introduce you to Beautiful Gem, “The SILK Stone.” Remember, as you start this ‘Waiting & Writing” process, you are rare, radiant, and far more precious than jewels. God has made you in His own image. 

Therefore, your wait is a reflection of His love for you and how much He wants to protect you. While you wait and write, your prayers are being heard and He will answer according to His will and His timing. Jot down every part of the process, the good, bad, and the ugly. Get butt naked with God, on these pages. The best part about writing to God, He knows how to keep secrets:) 

It’s music to God’s ears when He hears and “reads” His children’s Confessions, Repentances, Requests, Thanksgivings & even a cry for help. He longs to be in your presence even when we are not at our best. The best time is in your weakness. When you are weak, God shows up in His strength and takes the heaviness and burdens away. Learn to cast your cares to Him through your prayer strokes. Leave it all on the pages and God will take care of the rest. 

So, Let’s Get Started!

Your Process, Your Purpose, Your “WRIT

It's Another Beautiful Way to Pray!

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