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A beautiful faith-based journal that will draw you closer to God with every stroke, by recording your process at your own pace, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There’s nothing like seeing your written prayers answered which in turn increases your faith in God while trusting Him in the process.


  • A generous 6″(L) x 9″(H) trim size thick paper with plenty of space to write
  • Combination of lined and unlined pages
  • Each Journal has 100 pages
  • Uncoated Text Interior
  • Full Color Print; Interior & Exterior
  • Original illustrations and texts on each page were created by the author

(Items included may vary per gift set)

Prayer Journal Pages Includes:

  • Prayer Requests-“Prayer Request” page with space for date and answered prayer section.
  • Answered Prayers– A tracker with space to record your prayers when God answers, which will increase your faith when you see God move in your life throughout the course of your process. 
  • Prayer Time– Personal prayer time to record your process, feelings, thoughts, responses, secrets of your heart; what you can’t share with anyone else but God.
  • Vision– A “Write the Vision” take-action page and “Steps to Accomplish” what God has shown and shared with you about your purpose and process. 
  • Truth– A “Face Your Truth” page to record confessions of self for positive change to take place within you, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and even Physically if necessary.
  • Reflection- DailyPersonal Reflections” with questions to answer about your day, challenges, lessons learned, and blessings from God.
  • Waiting Prayer: A “Special Prayer” for women who struggle with “Waiting” on God. 
  • 30 Day Gratitude: A “Gratitude” page to record what you’re grateful for each day for 30 days.
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What makes TheProcesslife’s Journals so different and unique from the rest? Glad you asked:

  • Glossy Paperback Or Hardcopy cover exterior for durability.
  • Each design throughout the journals is custom made by the author herself: What was put in her Spirit was designed in these journals, Designs are Not generic, outsourced, or purchased from another source…
  • Each page have colorful and vibrant pictures, illustrations, and Designs; not in black and white
  • Each has a mini guided workbook feature in the front of the journals, featuring: Prayer Requests, Personal reflections, Prompts to take action, Motivational activities, and an effective number of Journaling space 
  • Thick paper to avoid ink bleeding through
  • Not to mention it was born from the Spirit of God in Love to help many to get Closer and intimate with God through Prayer…

Hope I answered your question precisely…

Purpose: To Motivate & Inspire women, to write/pray, to God every day. It’s another Beautiful WAY to PRAY!





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