Spiritual Laser Coaching

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45-90 min One-on-One Sessions



Spiritual Laser coaching is a short-minute coaching session designed to “Get to the Point” on one specific issue/area that is getting in your way and impeding your spiritual walk with Christ.

There are times when you need help and guidance right now. You simply can’t spend three months or so trying to figure it out on your own. You need help to make the best choice NOW from a spiritual perspective!


Spiritual Laser coaching will let you go deep and get to the heart of the matter quickly without the fluff.

We want to hone in on the “greater truth” as we explore the presenting issue.

5 reviews for Spiritual Laser Coaching

  1. Camille Barkwr

    Where do I begin? October 2020; it was REALLY pushed in my spirit, to reach out to Marchelle and Vito, about Spiritual coaching. But, you know how we do; we push it off, ignore it, think we don’t need any help; because, we got it going on, or the deal breaker, it will just go away! Or, so I thought. So many things were going through my mind, will they judge me, do they even like me, are they going to embarrass and make fun of me? This is exactly what the enemy was trying to do, keep me from getting free! This beautiful, heaven sent couple, allowed me to dig deep into the root of my heart! I’m talking, the deep root! Those hidden things we think we can suppress and it will go away. No! Not only were they considerate, supporting and patient; they TRULY allowed me to get it all out! They used the most humble and calming thing to help me…they listened! I’m crying as I’m writing this now, because I cannot imagine where I would be, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially; if I never listened to the voice of God! I urge every one of my sister’s and brothers. Don’t lean on your own understanding! Trust God! He will use them to help you! You won’t be disappointed! And, let me also say this. No one is perfect! But, God will Not bring you a spouse, if he chose you for that assignment; when he knows what’s lying dormant in your heart!

    • admin

      Thank you beautiful for being our biggest cheerleader. Your testimony how you stumbled upon us and your doubts at first, shows that God timing and ways are so amazing. We are blessed that God stirred you back to The Process Life. You are such a joy to talk to and your growth in God is phenomenal. Thank you for your many blessings and giving heart. May God continue to bless you more than you can ask or think… love you sis.

  2. Tony Clark

    I thank God for Marchelle and Vito, God led me to their channel when I needed confirmation on a divorce that I went through, and the devil tried to make me feel condemned about getting it. I got that confirmation, that indeed God was involved when I needed to get out of this particular marriage, because it was not of him, and I needed healing that I was not going to get as long as I stayed in it. We have to seek God in those situations because it may not be his will for you too get a divorce and he may want to turn it around even if he did not put the two of you together. They’re teaching course on hearing God’s voice was very informative and bore witness with my spirit and that’s one of the great things about having the Holy Spirit, he will bear witness to what is true and he will bear witness to what is not true, and I was able to tell in my spirit that both Vito and Marchelle had a relationship with God and knew how to hear from him, because of God’s word. If God is leading you to take one of their courses, you will not be disappointed, because God will use them to give you what you need that will help you in your process.

    Glory be to God

    • admin

      Thank you Tony so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write a review. We enjoyed working with you and you are never forgotten.

  3. Roshonda N. Blackmon

    Let me start off by saying, I’m bad when it comes to relationships…I’ve known it for quite some time but it’s something about knowing and hearing. This month I found myself going through another relationship situation. This time, I know I needed help but didn’t exactly know who to talk to about it. Marchelle had sent out a newsletter this month and I just emailed back and started telling her my issue. Little did I know, she wrote back! I have to say, I didn’t expect this. I’ve emailed *people of God* before and received no response. To make a long story short, she sent me two videos, which were a big help and she and Vito also answered my letter with a video, which was my final wake up call.

    After I watched the video I debated on reaching out for a session. To be honest, you know how ppl can appear one way on screen but may be totally different in person? I sat on that for a minute, then truth be told again. I looked at the cost and I almost didn’t do it. Let me tell you, I felt a push from God to do it because let’s face it, we have spent more than that on things that didn’t do us no good. It was the BEST investment I could’ve invested in myself. Both Vito and Marchelle are WORTH the money spent. They deep dived with me and we pulled out issues about myself that I really hadn’t focused on or paid attention to. They were not judgy, they didn’t look at me with their noses pointed up and they were very comfortable and down to earth to talk too and very patient. I feel like the session I had with them has set me up on the right path to the Father, whom I didn’t really realize was tugging on me to come to him. I have never had this type of spiritual guidance before of ppl whom really care about your soul and not your money. Whose not going to speak prosperity over you and send you on your way still full of holes. Leaders who are compassionate enough to respond back. That meant everything to me!

    A real spiritual counselor tells you the truth in love and yes, it will hurt but that’s the best process you’ll ever need. Vito and Marchelle are lights on God’s path and together they will help you get to the root of your issue which in the end will put you on the path to the Father. Thank you both for helping me get started, I’m nervous but I’m trusting God all the way. Much Love ❤

    • admin

      Wow!!! This was…I can’t think of words to express how it feels to hear your heart about how God used us to assist you on your journey. God wants nothing but the best for you and now you are positioning yourself to receive it all. We are so proud that you listened and Obeyed God to reach out. It was a pleasure working with you. We are here for you and with you. You’re never alone. Stay encouraged and keep the faith.

      Blessings always,

  4. Wytisha Buckles

    This meeting was exactly what I needed for that particular season of my life. Talking with Vito and Marchelle was the best thing I could have done for myself. I felt as if I was having a heart to heart conversation with my big brother and sister. God used them to make me take a closer look at myself and to show me how to take accountability for the part I played in all of the failed relationships I experienced. I love how Vito and Marchelle didn’t baby me nor allow me to continue to have a pity party. Since my encounter with them, I feel like I have gained new family. I also learned, healed, and grew from all of the mistakes I had made over the years. Also, I felt blessed to have an open and candid conversation in a judgment free zone.

  5. Linda Laudermilk

    I truly appreciated the counseling session that I had with Vito and Marchelle Smith. I felt heard, which was important to me. I felt that their responses were directed from my concerns and not quips, cliches, and rubber stamped religious jargon. If needed, I absolutely would request a future session without hesitation.
    Respectfully yours,

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