Investing For Beginners God’s Way Using Apps

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  • Relationship with Money God’s Way
  • Why Investing
  • Different Ways to Invest
  • Risk factors/Benefits
  • When Should You Invest
  • Top 4 Reputable Investing Apps for Investors
  • The 2 Main Apps we use now
  • How to Use Apps for Investing
  • How Much to Invest:
  • How to invest with very little money
  • How Often to Invest
  • Bonus: Reputable Resources I use for Educational Purposes Only
  • Free Bonus Video: Godly Financial Freedom: Pimping Your Gifts & Talents


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7 reviews for Investing For Beginners God’s Way Using Apps

  1. admin

    From: Lisa Marie Sent: Monday, April 6, 2020 8:04 AM
    To: Marchelle Smith
    Subject: Re: Investing For Beginners Class

    Hey Marchelle,

    I just want to share a quick testimony of how amazing our God is. God has been dealing with me with finances for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working from home for two weeks because of the coronavirus. I was like cool, I can save money on gas and money in general because most businesses are shut down and I’m staying home. But within the last couple of weeks, I found myself spending money I didn’t intend to spend and I’m like I should be saving. Well long story short, God keeps prompting me to spend money. For example, He prompted me to buy a book from a ministry I follow, He prompted me to give money to two people, He prompted me to purchase you and Vito’s teaching on how to have a stronger relationship with God, and then He prompted me to purchase your investment class. All while this is happening my flesh was not wanting to spend the money even though I knew He was asking me to do it. I found myself wanting to hold onto it. So, after the investment class last night, which was amazing by the way, I prayed and God showed me a few things. He showed me that I have not submitted my finances to Him. I would ask God or invite Him in here and there or if I considered it “big enough” to get God’s opinion about it. I haven’t had the mindset to ask God how should I spend the money He gave me. Nor would I ask Him how to be a good steward with the money He provides. You and Vito really confirmed that God wants me to start viewing money differently and it’s like you said, it is about the relationship you have with money. The relationship I was having with money did not truly involve God. So, thank you and Vito for being a vessel and always allowing the Lord to use your ministry to bless, encourage, and confirm the things of God! Investing was never in my mind and as you were saying, money is made to move. I was taught to just hold on to it and save it. Therefore, God showed me I’ve been trusting in money building up in my account more than in Him. Having a certain amount gave me a sense of security, but I know that security is supposed to be in God alone because money can be gone within a blink of an eye. Well, this was a little bit longer than I intended, but I want you and Vito to know that the ProcessLife ministry is truly God-ordained and it keeps blessing my life.

    You and Vito have a great day!


  2. Nikki (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this class with Vito and Marchelle! It was simple and to the point. I learned so much that it actually took the fear out of investing! I began investing right away…Thanks again, Vito and Marchelle for your ministry. I honestly believe you both are my brother and sister in Christ. God bless!!!

    • admin

      Thank you beautiful for trusting the God in us to help you on your financial spiritual journey…

  3. admin

    First and foremost, God thank you for ordering my steps, and along the way we stopped at The Process Life. This humbled, couple has and is doing all work for the glory of God. Their latest assignment, assisting with your finances; opened up the door for a class to be taught! Marchelle, exceeded my expectations of this course. Not only was it easy to understand, but once again it was all led by the holy spirit. She does not play around when it comes to the children of God! Marchelle and Vito, were sent to help us you guys.

    Let the holy spirit use them to help you get your finances back on track!


  4. Sommer (verified owner)

    Thank you all so much! The class was a huge help and prayer answered. This can be such an intimidating concept but you made it simple. Thank you for your transparency and insight. Can’t wait to get started! Keep up the good work. Was definitely worth it!

  5. Neosha (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product! It was simple and easy to understand the wisdom that was given! I really love the video tutorial on how easy it was to start investing. This couple is so great at teaching and you’ll get your money’s worth out of this investment that you made in yourself! Never stop investing in yourself! I love it!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for trusting the God in us to start a new journey in multipling God’s money He has given you.

  6. Tamara Jacobs (verified owner)

    Heeeey!!! Marchelle & Vito! man! All I can say is Wow! I was so blessed by this class. Marchelle, I must say, you out did yourself with this one! I sincerely appreciate you both for allowing God to direct and use you to bless us with our finances; As you stated in the video, a lot of us, including myself, were never taught on how to be good stewards over our finances, and certainly not how to invest them. I started investing immediately! I know of a surety, that you guys are a GIFT from God! I have been following TheProcesslife since 2017, and I have been so tremendously blessed!

    Manifold Peace & Blessings Always!
    Much Love!
    Tamara Jacobs

  7. Allyson Titus (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Vito and Marchelle for sharing this helpful information! I’m a recent college graduate who has had the desire to invest for years. Like Marchelle, I would save as much from my financial aid refund as I could, only for it to be wiped out by school expenses months later. I come from a family that has a pattern of struggling financially, so I desire to break that cycle. Until recently, I thought that I would just have to wait a few years, and save up as much money as I could before investing. Since covid-2020 hit, I’ve been hearing that now is a good time to invest because the prices of stocks are low, but I didn’t know where to start. However, after going through the pdfs and podcast (and praying about it), I was able to purchase my first company shares!! I’m so glad that I treated myself to purchasing this class. This has truly been a blessing and an eye opener to me.

    Again, thank you so much for doing this class on investing for beginners. Love you both, stay blessed~!! <3

    • admin

      Wow!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this amazing review. We are so honored that God has used us to help so many. Thank you for trusting the God in us to help you with multipling God’s Money. We are so proud of you. You didn’t allow fear or the lack of knowledge stop you. You made it up in your mind to invest in yourself now watch God do the rest. Congratulations on your new investment into a company…

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