Imperfect Virtuous Woman

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“Put on your Crown”

Discover & Gain clarity on what you want, and How to be the best version of yourself even through imperfections.

  • Discover and face your Truth, Worth & Purpose
  • Gain Clarity on being the woman you were created to be
  • Discover principles that will change your mindset about being imperfect & virtuous
  • Gain confidence & Overcome insecurities
  • Draw closer to & increase your intimacy with God
  • Go deeper into your Heart, Mind & Spirit


  • Daily thought-provoking prompts & questions
  • Guided+Unguided prompts
  • Daily guided journal with prompts, questions, inspirations & motivation
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Prayer, prompts, reflections and questions


A beautiful Silk Guided faith-based workbook journal that will draw you closer to God with every stroke, by recording your process at your own pace, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • A generous 6″(L) x 9″(H) trim size thick paper with plenty of space to write
  • Combination of lined and unlined pages
  • Each Journal has 100 pages, Plus Cover Coil Binding
  • Blazer Silk Cover Exterior w/ Soft Touch Lamination and Silver Foil Front Reflection
  • Uncoated Text Interior
  • Full Color Print; Interior & Exterior
  • Original illustrations and texts on each page were created by author and graphic designer, Marchelle Smith
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What makes TheProcesslife’s Journals so different and unique from the rest? Glad you asked:

  • Each is all made of a thick Blazer SILK cover exterior for durability, not Matte or Glossy
  • Each design throughout the journals is custom made by the author herself: What was put in her Spirit was designed in these journals, Designs are Not generic, outsourced, or purchased from another source…
  • Each page have colorful and vibrant pictures, illustrations, and Designs; not in black and white
  • Each has a mini guided workbook feature in the front of the journals, featuring: Prayer Requests, Personal reflections, Prompts to take action, Motivational activities, and an effective number of Journaling space 
  • Each has a Vibrant gold foil reflection on the front covers to add more Elegance
  • Thick paper to avoid ink bleeding through
  • TheProcessLife journals come with Gift Set Options as well, perfect for gifts,  women’s prayer groups, organizations,  birthdays, holidays, Christmas, back-to-school gifts,  any special occasion like anniversaries, etc…
  • Not to mention it was born from the Spirit of God in Love to help many to get Closer and intimate with God through Prayer…



Please allow up to 48-72 hours to process your order due to the fact that these are made to order once your order is placed.

Order Policies



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Weight 16 oz
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Journal Only, Journal Set, Journal Gift Set

3 reviews for Imperfect Virtuous Woman

  1. Camille Barker (verified owner)

    I just got my newest journal An Imperfect Virtuous Woman! The journal and everything inside, by itself is so encouraging!This is so pretty and well designed! Especially the cover! You can tell this was well thought through! I encourage everyone to start journaling; because, it TRULY is therapeutic, personal and draws you near to our Heavenly Father!

    • admin

      Thank you so much! I am so glad you are enjoying your elegant new Journal. We appreciate you and thank you for trusting how God is guiding me with these journals. My prayer is that every one of these journals will get in the hands of every person who needs healing, direction, clarity, steadfastness, guidance, strength, confirmation etc…May God bless you on your journey. Your Process is your Process and only you can walk it out the way God intends for it too.

  2. Candice Cudger

    This beautiful set was gifted to me with love for no special occasion which makes it even more of a treasure. I have started Journaling again. The pen in the set is so feminine and writes so smoothly. The journal workbook covers a range of personal goals to strive for and a checklist for where you are in your personal growth, and relationship with Christ. This is unlike any of the hundreds of journals I have received. You can tell it was designed by a virtuous woman. Take the time to look through it before you start writing! Happy Journaling again!!!

  3. Brenda Weathers

    I attended the NATURAL BEAUTY FEST 2023/ Jacksonville Fl. On 7/22/23. I’ve always encouraged journaling for myself and my children as an outlet of our emotions and or feelings between us and God. I purchased 2 of the IMPERFECT VIRTUOUS WOMAN JOURNALS. 1 for me and the other for my daughter, we both are super excited to dive into this journaling journey. This journal is filled with quality material to aide in our daily life as a woman ( wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend etc.) We’re both looking forward to learning how to accept the facts of we don’t have to be perfect to be virtuous. Thank God for our imperfections 🙏🏾😇 BTW… I was blessed to take a picture with the author and she’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, Inside and out!

    • admin (verified owner)

      Brenda, it was a Divine pleasure to have met you at the Natural Beauty Fest. Now, it’s clear all the trouble I went through to make sure I was in attendance, it was because of people like you. You are beautiful inside and out and I am honored you chose to stop by my booth and to bless us with your presence and for investing in you and your daughter. I pray these journals will be a blessing for you and her. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me. You are just as beautiful as your personality!!!

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