How to Prepare & Wait, God’s Way For The One He Has For You


You will learn:

Module 1: Starting Process:

Lesson 1.1: How To Start the Journey the “Right Way”

Lesson 1.2 How to Avoid Making the same Mistakes

Lesson 1.3 How to Identify & Avoid Counterfeits

Lesson 1.4 Age Is Nothing But a Number

Module 2: The Healing Process:

Lesson 2.1 How To Heal The Right Way

Lesson 2.2 Feeling like a Failure

Lesson 2.3 Signs You Are Not Really Healed

Lesson 2.4 Still Waiting, Why?

Lesson 2.5 How To Cut Ties With Past Relationship

Lesson 2.6 How To Trust and Be Open To Love Again


Module 3: The Waiting Process:

Lesson 3.1 3 Major Keys On How To Start Waiting Right

Lesson 3.2 How To Resist & Overcome Temptations

Lesson 3.3 Secrets to Reducing Your Wait Time

Lesson 3.4 Overcome Fear of Being Alone & Lonely

Lesson 3.5 How To Prepare For the Right One


Module 4: The Dating Process:

Lesson 4.1 Dating vs Courtship: Which One Is Better?

Lesson 4.2 How Friends Can Keep You From Being Found

Lesson 4.3 Why Men Give Women Their Number(Bonus)

Module 5: Take Charge of Your Finances Process:


Lesson 5.1 Secrets to Financial Recovery

Lesson 5.2 Rebuild Credit

Lesson 5.3 How To Invest (Beginners)


Module 6: Let’s Talk About Sex:

Lesson 6.1 10 Steps How to Break Soul Ties & Strong Holds From Sexual Sins

Lesson 6.2 Unspoken Truth About Masturbating & Pornography


Module 7: Process of Manifestation

Lesson 7.1 Finally, the Manifestation, Now What?


Module 8: Bonus Module

Divorce & Remarriage
Fornication & Adultery
10 Step Process of Recovery
Private Facebook Group Community


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