Blazer "SILK" Journal Gift Sets

Journal Set Includes: 

  • Silk Journal
  • Bookmark
  • Pen
  • Ink Refill

Gift Sets Include: 

  • Silk Journal
  • Bookmark
  • Diamond Pen
  • Gift Box
  • Ink Refill
  • Herbal Tea
  • Mini Inspirational Notepad
  • Pen Holder

What Makes TheProcess Life Prayer Journals Unique & Different?

  • Each Journal is made of a smooth Blazer SILK cover with a soft touch laminate, for Elegance & Durability; not Matte or Glossy…
  • Each design throughout is custom made by the author herself: What was put in her Spirit was designed in these journals, 
  • Designs are not generic, outsourced, or purchased from another source…
  • Each page has Vibrant, Colorful, & Elegant pictures, illustrations, and Designs; not in black and white
  • Each journal has a mini guided workbook feature in the front of the journals, featuring personal devotionals, prayer requests, personal reflections, and much more…
  • Each has a Vibrant Gold Foil Reflection on the front covers to add more Elegance
  • Uncoated text; thick paper to avoid ink bleeding through
  • TheProcessLife journals come with Gift Set Options as well, perfect for gifts,  women’s prayer groups, organizations,  birthdays, holidays, Christmas, back-to-school gifts,  any special occasion like anniversaries, etc…
  • Not to mention it was born from the Spirit of God in Love to help many to get Closer and intimate with God through Prayer

Specifications & Prompts:

  • A generous 6″(L) x 9″(H) trim size thick paper with plenty of space to write
  • Combination of lined and unlined pages
  • Each Journal has 100 pages, Plus Cover Coil Binding
  • Blazer Silk Cover Exterior w/ Soft Touch Lamination and Foil Front Reflection
  • Uncoated Text Interior
  • Full Color Print; Interior & Exterior
  • Original illustrations and texts on each page were created by author and graphic designer, Marchelle Smith
 Prompts You Will Find In Our Journals: (PWOS Collection is lightly different from the WTP Collection)
  • Prayer Requests-“Prayer Request” page with space for date and answered prayer section; Yourself, Family & Friends
  • Answered Prayers– A tracker with space to record your prayers when God answers, which will increase your faith when you see God move in your life throughout the course of your process. 
  • Prayer Time– Personal prayer time to record your process, feelings, thoughts, responses, secrets of your heart; what you can’t share with anyone else but God.
  • Bible Study– A “Bible Study” page of what God has shown and shared with you in Scripture & Application. 
  • Reflection- DailyPersonal Reflections” with questions to answer about your day, challenges, lessons learned, and blessings from God.
  • Personal Devotional: A “Special devotional” page on what God saying to you about Praying, Waiting, Obeying & Slaying.
  • 30 Day Gratitude: A “Gratitude” page to record what you’re grateful for each day for 30 days

It's More Than Just Writing...

Praying with every stroke can draw you closer and closer to God. The most intimate times with our Heavenly Father is in the secret place of our heart. Life is hard enough, but when we can develop a consistent prayer life with God,  becomes everything you face becomes a little easier when you can see your written prayers come to pass. Not only does it draw you closer to God, but it also increases your faith while you wait. 

So, Let’s Get Started! 

Just Another Beautiful Way to Pray,

It's Another Beautiful Way to Pray!

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