We met and started courting in June 2008, married March 28, 2009 and had our blessing and adorable daughter, 2012.

TheProcess Life was created via a book we started in 2009, however, God had other plans.

 In 2017, God directed us to start a YouTube channel to motivate, inform, inspire, encourage and empower lives; spiritually, mentally, personally, and socially through our very own personal testimonials…

Why TheProcess Life?

Vito and I started The Process Life out of obedience to God. We couldn’t stand to see so many singles struggling and in need of spiritual guidance, through real life testimonials from both a male’s and female’s perspective, so we knew we had to be obedient.

With over 20+ years of experience between us in teaching, mentoring, inspiring and sharing the Word the God along with our personal testimonies, we’ve figured out the spiritual and practical keys that truly work for singles struggling in their season of waiting.

We are known for being real, transparent, non-judgmental and not to mention relatable,  which invokes trust, openness, honesty and transformation of life,  which encourages us to keep doing what God has called us to do. 

We help many see the importance of waiting on God and how the blessings outweigh the Waiting Process. 

And when we are not sharing our testimonies, providing tips and engagement on our private Facebook page, prepping for our next Q&A Live Stream or filming a YouTube video, we are hanging out with our daughter, Divine, and doggy Butterpup, eating out at our go-to seafood restaurants, playing UNO, Sorry and other board games; dancing to old school music, singing contemporary gospel songs, and watching movies or spending quality time with family and friends!

Birth of TheProcesslife


  • I was born and raised in organized religion, so I knew of God but I didn’t have a relationship with God. It wasn’t until year 1999, I asked God to come into my heart and save me and God saved me. Vito got saved in 1994, but gave his heart to God completely in 2000
  • In 2010, we believed God told us to start writing a book called “The Process” which focused on the “HIS and HERS” process of singleness, however, in the same year, God told us to stop writing and let it go, and of course, we obeyed.
  • In 2017, on our 8th year anniversary, God lead us to start “The Process” again, but this time it was through YouTube, which is where “TheProcessLife” was created
  • In 1 year, our YouTube channel went from approximately 200+ subscribers to almost 4,500 and 12,000+ views to 400,000+
  • From  single’s conferences to providing leadership at faith-based organizations to college campuses such as University of North Florida, we’ve spoken to a variety of audiences about the power of waiting on God to choose ones’ mate
  • We’ve inspired many across the globe, from Dubai, to London, to Africa, and the list goes on… United States and Internationally abroad
  • We’ve spoken with hundreds of young singles, older singles, recently divorced, those struggling in marriage, and healthy married couples as well
  • Last but not least, I have a degree in Sociology/Psychology from University of North Florida, Biblical Counseling from Logos Beacon University, and have completed various Managerial Courses

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