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“The Shift”

Journal Workbook

“The Shift”

Journal Workbook Gift Sets 

“Release the Flow by Letting Go”

Journal Workbook

“Words of Affirmations & Positivity”

Journal Workbook

“What the Heck Did I Dream Last Night”

Journal Workbook

“You Are Not Alone”

Journal Workbook

“Put on your Crown”

Inspirational Workbook

“Refuel, Refresh, Rejuvenate”

Journal Workbook

“Get Selfish to Be Selfless”

Inspirational Workbook 

“Hello Beautiful Write The Process”

(Stone) Prayer Journal

“Hello Beautiful Write The Process”

(Flower) Prayer Journal

“Pray, Wait, Obey Slay”

Prayer Journal

“Silk Double Bundle”

“Silk Triple Bundle”

“Silk Triple Journal Set Bundle”

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 Vito & Marchelle Smith

Helping Singles in their Process Of Waiting to overcome the temptation of settling for less than God’s best for their life. 

Let the Spiritual Duo, help guide & coach you from a male & female perspective. 

(Yep, that’s right, you get the best of both worlds)

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Some committed viewers who have experienced our Videos...

I have been watching you guys since 2017 and you guys encourage and inspired me not just about waiting but also seeking God in all areas of life from your testimonies.❤️ You guys not only seek discernment and guidance but encourage the audience and the people asking questions to do so as well, which makes it even more authentic because some people using platforms like YouTube try to get people hooked but God has given y'all freedom and ability to guide us whether we stop or keep watching your videos. God will continue to bless you for your obedience.
Eileen Gaturu
Subscriber & Member of @SWGW
“You two are such a blessing to me. I try to watch you two everyday because I am learning a lot. You are so transparent and real. I have been dealing with some of the same areas that you've discussed on some of your videos. I thank God that he has chosen to use the two of you for such a time as this. Keep the videos coming. Blessings DP"
Dennis Parks