Vito & Marchelle Smith

Founders of The Process Life 

Single and Love God? Single and Frustrated?  Single and Struggling to Trust God? Single and Wondering When? Single and Getting Older? 

Problem is, The “WAITING” Process. 

The Bigger Problem,  How to hear and trust God clearly, in the  “WAIT.”

Let us, the Spiritual Duo, help guide you through it, from a male & female perspective.  (Yep, that’s right, you get the best of both worlds)

Prayer Journals

Let me introduce you to “The Flower” Journal. In every season there’s a purpose; a time to Stand Still and Wait, a time to Obey and Pursue, and a time to Bloom Where God Plants You…

Let me introduce you to another Beautiful Gem, “The Stone.” Remember, as you start this ‘Waiting & Writing” process, you are rare, radiant, and far more precious than jewels. God has made you in His own image….

The Process Life Academy

The ProcessLife Academy

Frustrated & Tired of Waiting? Want to Know the Real Reasons Why You Maybe Still Waiting? Want to Reduce Your Wait Time?

Physically and Emotionally Drained? Need Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement?

Tired of living Paycheck to Paycheck? Ready to multiply God’s Money? Need step-by-step guidance and instructions…etc? This Academy is for you!

Single and Preparing For God’s Best? What if you could unlearn to learn God’s way, reduce your wait time, and enjoy life without settling for less than God’s best, while confidently waiting for God’s best for your life? This Academy is for you!
Let us help you in the process. We know what it takes. We’ve been there done that and now we want to share the truth with you. Discover the unspoken truths that are really holding you back from God’s best and the secrets that will unlock the blessings in your life and get you back on the right track and prepare you for the right one. 

See you on the inside,

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The Process Life, a husband and wife duo, was created to motivate, inform, inspire, encourage and empower you to live out your purpose in your single-life; Spiritually, Mentally, Personally,
and Socially through Personal testimonials, Inspirational videos,Live Streaming and Private
Group Communities... Don't forget: "This is YOUR Process; "Embrace It, Trust It, Love It"

Some of the singles whose
experienced our videos

I have been watching you guys since 2017 and you guys encourage and inspired me not just about waiting but also seeking God in all areas of life from your testimonies.❤️ You guys not only seek discernment and guidance but encourage the audience and the people asking questions to do so as well, which makes it even more authentic because some people using platforms like YouTube try to get people hooked but God has given y'all freedom and ability to guide us whether we stop or keep watching your videos. God will continue to bless you for your obedience.
Eileen Gaturu
Subscriber & Member of @SWGW
“You two are such a blessing to me. I try to watch you two everyday because I am learning a lot. You are so transparent and real. I have been dealing with some of the same areas that you've discussed on some of your videos. I thank God that he has chosen to use the two of you for such a time as this. Keep the videos coming. Blessings DP"
Dennis Parks

Single & Waiting? Want to hear God for yourself with confidence? In this FREE, 10-page Survival Kit, you’ll get 8 steps we used to effectively Hear God’s Voice while in the process of waiting.

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A LADIES ONLY, no judgement zone; a safe place to be open and honest. We are here to support, provide truth, and answer deep intimate questions without judgement, along with critical thinking exercises about relationships, life, and the “Waiting” Process.